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Erica Gilliland Massage Therapist

Erica Gilliland Joins Massage Therapy Team

Cole Pain Therapy Group is pleased to welcome Erica Gilliland to our massage and manual therapy team. Erica has been working with us as a Chiropractic Therapy Assistant performing therapeutic modalities and patient care for the past two years.  People really appreciate her skill and professionalism.

Additionally, she has been a massage therapist for over 13 years with an emphasis on health restoration and health maintenance.  Now we are thrilled to have her manual skills on the manual therapy team that includes Xan Brosseau and Kristy Taylor.  Adding Erica allows for additional, convenient hours on Friday and Saturday.

Erica performs deep tissue regeneration muscle work as a main focus of her practice. Pain reduction and improved function are her major goals. Besides massage, her skill set includes trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and lymphatic massage.

Massage and Other Manual Therapies: 

Massage therapy is an elective procedure providing relaxation, health and wellness.  It is a wonderful tool for health maintenance.  On the other hand, manual therapy describes a collection of special body techniques directly targeted at areas of the body that have been diagnosed with an illness or injury.

While manual therapy may appear similar to massage, manual therapy techniques are different depending on each patient’s diagnosis and current health status. The quality of touch and pressure is based on the patient’s status and level of tissue healing. Manual therapy is a prescribed part of a comprehensive treatment program designed by your doctor of chiropractic.


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