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Movement control tests of lower back pain

Lower Back Pain from Faulty Movement

In the never ending battle against lower back pain, new research is vital. A 2008 study by Luomajoki (1) reveals some new and relevant information regarding low back movement control in patients with lower back pain. The hypothesis being studied is that abnormal movement patterns are associated with lower back pain. This hypothesis has been studied […]

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Our x-ray machine in action.

What Are X-Rays Used For?

At Cole Pain Therapy Group, we use x-rays to assist in the diagnosis of certain pains and to evaluate a youth with scoliosis.  Talking with your doctor of chiropractic about your pain’s onset, quality, timing, location, exacerbation  and improvement, allows the doctor to come to a very good idea about what is causing the pain.  Occasionally, spine/joint […]

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Is Back Pain Dangerous?

There are a lot of dangerous things that can cause back pain.  The good news is that the most dangerous causes of back pain are extremely rare, and the most common causes of back pain are neither life-threatening nor malignant. For example, when I examine a case of low back pain, the very 1st thing […]

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