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Treatments and Alternatives for Fibromyalgia

Once your diagnosis is confirmed, the traditional medical approach includes a prescription of anti-inflammatory agents, antidepressants, sleep medications, anti-seizure drugs, and muscle relaxants. These drugs often help to relieve the symptoms, but sometimes have complicated side effects. If you prefer to add a natural approach, the following suggestions may be helpful: Chiropractic care has been demonstrated […]

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Michelle Kinney, 17th Fittest Woman In The World

Chiropractic Care is Key to Health & Mobility for the “17th Fittest Woman in the World.”

  Michelle Kinney, Co-owner of CrossFit Chickasaw, currently holds the title for the “17th Fittest Woman in the World.”  Michelle’s background includes NCAA Division I Strength & Conditioning, a member of the track, cross country, and softball teams at Mississippi State University.  Michelle also competes in the CrossFit Games, the world’s premier test (more…)

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Can Manual Therapy Relieve My Pain?

Manual therapy is one of the many types of effective treatments that may be prescribed at Cole Pain Therapy Group. Pain Conditions that involve muscles, ligaments, and fascia (a tightly woven, tough connective tissue found throughout the body) respond well to manual therapy. Trauma, poor posture, illness, and stress cause fascia to develop adhesions/scars and […]

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