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Poor Sitting Posture

Proper Workplace Posture (ergonomics)

As for workplace posture, the vast majority of my patients spend time in front of a computer, sometimes their entire workday.  If their poor posture habits are made even worse due to an improper ergonomic setup, neck and back pain, headaches, etc., will eventually result.  Following are several suggestions regarding workplace posture to minimize back and […]

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Take a 10 second postural micro-break and reverse the muscles by creating an upright position.

The Myth of Proper Posture

  One can have the perfect chair, use a headset, and be sitting at a workstation that is ergonomically correct in every way, and still develop musculoskeletal discomfort if he/she doesn’t make it a habit to take mini-breaks to change positions, stretch, etc. We all (more…)

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