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Why Does a Chiropractor Recommend Multiple Visits?

Patients often wonder why I, as a chiropractor, recommend multiple visits early in their care plan.  Chiropractors often recommend to patients that they schedule more frequently when they first come in for treatment.  In fact, I have talked to some people who refuse to ever see a chiropractor because they think that, once you go, you will be constantly expected […]

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If you do not wake in the morning feeling refreshed, you may get better sleep with improving sleep hygiene.

10 Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep

People try all sorts of  things to get better sleep. Unfortunately, some of these attempts are counterproductive, resulting in further problems sleeping.  In fact, good sleep has much more to do with the ability to simply fall asleep.  Our brains need to go through cycles of sleep in order to have appropriate psychological and physical […]

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