Carbs or No Carbs?

In recent years, many people have jumped on the wagon that carbohydrates, one of the three macronutrients, should be avoided. While there are many types of foods that have been overly processed and are not ideal for our body, restricting an entire food group is not always the answer. Sometimes people may notice they feel better without grains or legumes/beans in their diet and that is helpful and necessary. The beauty of being human is that we are all unique and our bodies will respond differently to different foods! So how do we know what we should eat?

The answer will always come back to “whole foods,” we want to get as many foods that are minimally processed as possible. Things that have whole grains and fiber and take longer to digest. Whether that comes from root vegetables like potatoes and squashes, beans, barley, oats, brown rice, or sprouted grains. In general if you have an allergy to gluten staying away from wheat will be necessary, if blood sugar is an issue then it is best to combine your grains with protein and fat to help your blood sugar stabilize during digestion.

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