Chiropractic Therapy Improves CrossFit Performance

Last week, Dr. Brad Cole was interviewed by on their popular Barbell Shrugged podcast.

How Chiropractic Therapy Can Prevent Injury and Improve Performance in CrossFit – EPISODE 31

Most readers know that CrossFit has exploded as a sport. The functional movements (squatting, picking up heavy things, pulling, running, climbing, jumping) integral to CrossFit exercise programs leave no room for inefficiencies of motion. As chiropractic physicians, we at Cole Pain Therapy Group evaluate and treat the movement system, with a strong appreciation for the goals of any athlete.  We enjoy being part of an athlete’s support team.

If you enjoyed the podcast and have questions or suggestions for another episode, please leave a comment or message Dr. Bradford Cole.

Intro & Maximum Mobility (0:40)
Brad Cole: Chiropractor VS. Physical Therapist (1:08)
X-Rays & Doug’s Neck Pain (7:09)
Joint Manipulation (9:15)
Managing Expectations (12:10)
Education as Treatment (14:42)
Common Injuries of Crossfitters (17:58)
Movement Efficiency: Joint by Joint (20:05)
Cont’ Common Injuries of Crossfitters (22:41)
Competitions Performance & Spinal Stability (26:29)
Ankle Mobility (29:10)
Shoulder Mobility (31:04)
Brad’s Article: Ice (32:24)
Technique WOD (36:10)
Back from Break (41:50)
Chiropractic Course of Treatment (42:11)
Muscle and Joints Causing Headaches (44:28)
MRI (46:34)
Cont’ Headaches (48:36)
Nutrition on Brad’s Webpage (51:20)
Sleeping Positions (52:41)
Chiropractic Myth: More Sales Than Medical Training (56:26)

Check out How Chiropractic Therapy Can Prevent Injury and Improve performance in CrossFit

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