Chiropractic Therapy Assistant (CTA)

We are excited to grow our team and looking for candidates interested in working as a chiropractic therapy assistant. A CTA assists our doctors of chiropractic with patient care.  CTA candidates will be licensed by the state of TN via the CTA Program.  This is an entry level position, and nearly all training is on-the-job.  We are seeking candidates with experience or interests in promoting health.  Interested candidates should submit a resume via email to Mrs. Katie Bennett at

Job Description

  • Care for patients alongside our team of doctors of chiropractic and administrative staff.
  • Build a long-term career within a patient-centered (not doctor-centered) practice.
  • Coordinate ordering special tests/advanced imaging and referrals of patients to specialty practices as directed by the doctor.
  • Deliver therapeutic modalities and rehabilitative exercise/ stretching as directed by the doctor.

The mission of our practice is to provide quality chiropractic healthcare in a caring family environment. Our team is committed to serving each patient with optimal treatment, education, and personal concern thereby supporting lifelong physical well-being.  Welcome to our family.


  1. We agree that serving our patients and committing them to treatment will be first priority
  2. We agree to communicate honestly with integrity and respect.
  3. We agree to be the solution and not the problem, using the “breakdown technology” to bring people back to their commitment.
  4. We agree to work as a team in supporting one another to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  5. We agree to support the team in always addressing the bottom line.
  6. We agree and are willing to coach and be coached.
  7. We agree to not subgroup.
  8. We agree to be on time.
  9. We agree to hold weekly staff meetings and participate in those meetings 100%.
  10. We agree to support the doctors in discussing professional fees with patients and involving the billing department in any financial discussion.
  11. We agree to support another in keeping our agreements.


  • Group health insurance and 401K available.