Conventional, Memory, and Air Mattresses

There are more options than ever for bedding these days, from the standard type to memory foam to an air mattresses. You can also find air mattresses combined with memory foam. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.


Conventional mattresses can be bought in all price ranges, but I caution patients against getting cheap bedding, because that’s definitely a recipe for disappointment. New mattresses that can be slept on on either side are few and far between these days, but they are still available. (Rotating/flipping conventional bedding is important and is usually not done often enough.) If you go the conventional route, buy a reputable brand that is on the firm side. (Even the firmest mattresses soften up over time.)

As for memory foam, the primary complaint I’ve heard about that is it can be rather warm for hot natured folks, but this has been dealt with by some manufacturers with the addition of a layer of some sort of cooling substance.

When it comes to air bedding, the primary name you hear is Select Comfort. I have heard many favorable comments from patients with sleep number beds. The nice thing about those is the ability to adjust the mattress’ firmness- up or down.

My main recommendation is to thoroughly check out everything you have an interest in, making sure you understand warranties, etc. Good bedding should last at least 8-10 years. I recommend going to the Consumer Reports website to read their unbiased ratings on all types of bedding. Finally, be prepared to spend some money, for quality bedding doesn’t come cheap.

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