Discover Chiropractic: Find Your Game

Chiropractic - Find your game

You may not represent the U.S. in sporting events, but that doesn’t mean you have to live your life on the sidelines. This fall, the American Chiropractic Association and doctors of chiropractic (DC’s) across the country will highlight ways you can feel your best every day, regardless of your age, occupation or fitness level, during National Chiropractic Health Month in October. Dr. Richard Cole is the Tennessee delegate for the ACA and is an advocate for proactive health in our community. This year’s theme — “Discover Chiropractic: Find Your Game” —focuses on how everyone can take steps toward optimal health, wellness and functioning.

So what’s your health goal? Do you want to finish a local 5k road race? Maybe you want to have more energy after work, or play with your grandkids without pain. The good news is that all of these everyday victories are possible with just a few healthy lifestyle changes. If you don’t know where to start, Cole Pain Therapy Group can help you by providing nutrition advice, exercise recommendations, lifestyle advice and natural, drug-free approaches, such as spinal manipulation, for treating aches and pains.

Use the resources on this website to learn simple ways to get healthier today. Resolve to be your best, feel your best and perform your best.  Find your game!

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