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Improving Back Durability with Exercise

People often ask why their pain, often in the same area of the back, returns from time to time. When they have completed a course of treatments and experienced relief, and nothing traumatic has happened to cause re-injury, they are confused as to why their back hurts once again and wonder, “Can back pain be cured?” If they fell off a ladder or were in a car accident, they would understand a reason for the pain. But usually back pain returns for no overt reason.

Well, when one receives chiropractic care to address spinal instabilities and the associated pain, muscle tightness, inflammation, etc., that accompanies them, the doctor is working to realign the involved segments to restore proper mobility of the joint(s). When this begins to occur, the body responds accordingly with less muscle spasticity and inflammation.

Modalities used (ice, ultrasound, etc.), along with the spinal adjustments, help speed that process along. It often is not long before the patient’s pain has resolved. But can back pain be cured? Now, all of that treatment did nothing to protect the patient against further flare-ups, so one may be vulnerable to repeat occurrences. So, if they want to increase the chances of longer lasting relief, they need to step up and participate in the care of their spine. This should involve exercise of some sort, on a consistent basis, to help strengthen the appropriate musculature that controls spinal movement, stability, etc.


Unfortunately, this is not something one can do for two weeks and be finished, so it is often difficult to talk someone, particularly when they are not currently hurting, into starting a long-term exercise routine. However, if they can switch to a proactive approach to taking care of their back, as opposed to a reactive approach used whenever they are suffering the next flare-up, which is inevitable, the prognosis for approaching a “cure for back pain” is greatly improved.

Don’t think of it as curing your back pain, but rather have a good strategy for building durability and managing episodes of pain!

Your chiropractor can give guidance as to what type exercises would be best for you. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to join a facility or to acquire a lot of equipment for your home. Exercise bands and a stability ball are a couple inexpensive options that can be very useful. In the long run, your working to increase the strength and stability of your spine will result in fewer episodes of pain and missed work. And yes, chances are good you won’t be needing to see your chiropractor quite as often.


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