Can Manual Therapy Relieve My Pain?

Manual therapy is one of the many types of effective treatments that may be prescribed at Cole Pain Therapy Group. Pain Conditions that involve muscles, ligaments, and fascia (a tightly woven, tough connective tissue found throughout the body) respond well to manual therapy. Trauma, poor posture, illness, and stress cause fascia to develop adhesions/scars and muscles to tighten. This causes further strain, pressure on nerves and blood vessels, and restricted mobility.

Such a scenario of restricted or painful mobility complicates nerve, muscle, and joint pain conditions.

Is Massage Therapy different from Manual Therapy?

The answer is yes. Massage therapy is an elective procedure providing relaxation, health and wellness. Manual therapy is a collection of special body techniques directly targeted at areas of the body that have been diagnosed with an illness or injury.

While manual therapy may appear similar to massage, manual therapy techniques are different depending on each patient’s diagnosis and current health status. The quality of touch and pressure is based on the patient’s status and level of tissue healing. The therapy is a prescribed part of a comprehensive treatment program designed by your doctor of chiropractic.

Manual therapy has many benefits; such as, providing relief for tension-related headaches, reducing blood pressure, reducing muscle spasm, and reducing muscle pain. This therapy also improves joint flexibility and range of motion, as well as improving healing of injured muscles and ligaments.

If necessary, your manual therapist may use moist heat, cold packs, or topical liniments in conjunction with manual therapy to enhance your treatment.

At Cole Pain Therapy Group, both massage and manual therapy sessions are provided by a licensed chiropractic therapy assistant with training in the science and art of manual therapy. At all times, the patient is comfortably covered for privacy and to allow adequate access to the affected body regions. Treatments and treatment frequency are uniquely designed for each individual patient according to their specific condition.

Ask one of our staff doctors of chiropractic if you could benefit from manual therapy treatment.  Share this article with a friend and help them to good health!

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