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Neck Pain

What is a pinched nerve in your neck?   A pinched nerve in your neck, also known as Cervical Radiculopathy, can occur when one or more of the… [Continue Reading…]

Cervical radiculopathy is a common cause of neck and arm pain, occurring when there is irritation of one of the spine nerves at the neck. Cervical radiculopathy does not usually… [Continue Reading…]

So often when a patient comes in with a complaint of neck or back pain, they state that they can’t recall anything happening that caused the problem. That’s because… [Continue Reading…]

Have you ever wondered why you can be having a fabulous morning, take a shower, start toweling off and then develop a crick in your spine? You bend over… [Continue Reading…]

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Back and Neck Pain

After a person has successfully completed a course of treatment, one of the first questions they ask me is: “How do I prevent back and neck pain from happening again?” Most… [Continue Reading…]

At least 70 percent of America’s 30 million elementary school students use computers, according to a recent New York Times article. As a result of this increased usage, doctors… [Continue Reading…]

Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) care for patients of all ages, who may be suffering from a variety of health conditions. DCs are especially well-known for their expertise in caring… [Continue Reading…]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Torticollis

Many people appreciate sleeping with fans on or windows open to allow the cool breeze in at night.  Yet, what we don’t appreciate is the crooked, painful neck we… [Continue Reading…]

Whiplash is a generic term for when the neck is suddenly jolted in one direction and then another, creating a whip-like movement. Whiplash is most commonly seen with motor… [Continue Reading…]

Whiplash is a generic term applied to injuries of the neck caused when the neck is suddenly and/or violently jolted in one direction and then another, creating a whip-like… [Continue Reading…]

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly used and well-known to be effective for both acute and chronic nonspecific back and neck pain. Unfortunately, extreme complications including gastric ulcers, bleeding… [Continue Reading…]

Eight Ways to Prevent Back & Neck Muscle Pain While Standing in Shopping Lines

Whether you’re shopping for presents, waiting to pick up the perfect dessert or checking out a holiday performance, chances are you’ll spend a good deal of time standing in… [Continue Reading…]

“I have headaches…here, here, and here. That’s not a migraine is it, Doc?” Probably not. But if it’s a chronic condition, it can be just as painful, just… [Continue Reading…]

Whiplash Injury- More than Neck Pain After a Car Accident

I have warned for some time now of the severe consequences of the whiplash injury. Because of this concern I would like to report on a newspaper column by… [Continue Reading…]

What Causes Spine Pain?

The spine is a highly complex mechanism of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves that work together in a beautifully integrated way. It bears the weight of our body… [Continue Reading…]

Ergonomics For Construction Workers

Construction tasks place the body in numerous risky positions. Cramped working areas, working overhead and at floor level, heavy material handling and repetitive tasks are just some… [Continue Reading…]

Preventing Travel Aches and Strains

Traveling can be rough on the body. Whether you are traveling alone on business or on your way to a sunny resort with your family, long hours in… [Continue Reading…]

What Causes Neck Pain?

For many, life can be literally an ongoing pain in the neck.  They live with chronic neck discomfort.  Others may not realize how much they move their neck during… [Continue Reading…]

As many new mothers can attest, the muscle strains of pregnancy are very real and can be more than just a nuisance. The average weight gain of 25 to… [Continue Reading…]

Pain serves an important function in our lives. When you suffer an acute injury, pain warns you to stop the activity that is causing the injury and tells you to take… [Continue Reading…]

Pull Your Weeds, Not Your Back

With spring weather here, most of us are spending more time outside working in the yard or the garden. Gardening can provide pleasure and a great workout, but there… [Continue Reading…]

Your Options for Neck Pain and Back Pain?

The spine is a highly complex mechanism of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves that work together in a beautifully integrated way.  It bears the weight of our body… [Continue Reading…]


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