“This is the best experience I have had an a physician’s office of any kind.  I had chronic back pain for 20 years and when I came here Dr. Cole, he spent an inordinate amount of time with me and helped me understand what was going on.”

“The care Cole Pain Therapy Group has virtually changed my life and well-being and mindset when it comes to being active.  You can’t get off the couch and simply get out and get to it, but you have to start with stretching and working out in order to get on track.  They really created a flow of exercises for me.”

“There’s a lot that goes into  improving one’s posture improving one’s well-being.  It is not simply about chiropractic care. It is eating right. It is sleeping right. It is finding ways to deal with stress.  All those things, when addressed appropriately, go into feeling better and, of course, having better spinal health.”

“My improvements Cole Pain Therapy are why I go back all the time. I would struggle with injuries all the time. My shoulders were always bad and I wanted to write it off as ‘I have bad shoulders’ like a lot of people say ‘I have bad knees.’ One day Brad said let me take a look at you and see what I can do, and I was like, let me give it a shot.  And ever since then my shoulder have been fine.  So ever since then, whenever they start to flare up, we knock it out before it gets bad at all.  Whenever they start flareup.  We knock it out for its bad at all.  And the same thing goes with anything for the low back and any other injury.  We knock it out before it goes bad. It has been incredible.”

“I’ve always had back issues for a number of years, and I have been going Cole Pain Therapy Group to receive treatment.  The care is always excellent.  I have seen several doctors on staff there over the years and have always been given wonderful care… always great attention to details. They listen carefully and give me good ideas about how to help myself at home as well as in the office.”

“And I love training for half marathons, but my knee has always given me trouble.  It is what they call IT band syndrome and I have never been able to find anyone to help me with it… and get me to the point where I can run on it.  And Dr. Brad also helped me with that. He gave them the perfect exercises that no trainer in college has ever been able to show me, so that I am at the point, for my knee, where I can run on it and compete now.”

A big thanks to Michael Allen Photography for excellent production.