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Omega 3 supplements and SPM Active

Health and Wellness professionals across the world are singing the praises for the supplementation of Omega 3 or Fish oil. It is widely researched from American Heart Association and other organizations that majority of Americans are not getting the recommended amount of Omega 3 from their diet. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is filled with an overabundance of Omega 6 oils. While these are still necessary to our health an imbalance can contribute to inflammation across body systems. The recommended ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3 is 2:1. Most people’s current intake ratio is around 20:1. In everyday life this translates to; aches/pains, gut and bowel irritability, reduced cognitive function, lack of muscle function in aging, increased risk for heart disease.

While inflammation is necessary and can help our bodies heal from a cut or an infection, when Omega 6’s are too high they are sending signals to the bodies’ immune system that it needs to be on guard and increase inflammation response. According to a study by Metagenics Institute, “modest consumption of fish (1-2 servings/week), especially higher EPA and DHA varieties, reduces risk of coronary death by 36%.” EPA and DHA refer to the two types of Omega 3 that are most often found in salmon, lake trout, herring, tuna and sardines. The most direct benefit of EPA/DHA refers to our cell membranes, because these membranes are fat based Omega 3’s allow them to remain more fluid which provides several benefits. These benefits include; helping prevent neurodegenerative diseases, improving cardiovascular function and immune system response.

Supplementing Omega 3 or Fish oil (especially EPA and DHA) is a great place to start. For some though, Fish oil alone may not reduce inflammation to the appropriate level. This is where SPM’s or specialized pro-resolving mediators come into play. Our bodies make SPM from Omega 3 but this pathway can be blocked or slowed down by classic anti-inflammatory drugs either directly or indirectly. Supplementing Omega 3 and SPM together has been shown to reduce inflammation and increase immune defenses simultaneously.

What Now?

Find out if SPM and Omega 3 supplementation can be right for you and your pain condition. Visit our Nutrition page or talk to your Chiropractor at your next visit to find out more information regarding inflammation in the body and how supplements can help!

When choosing your fish oil it is extremely important to get it from a source that you trust. Fish oil that is best will contain EPA and DHA instead of ALA and will not have any Omega 6. Oftentimes, drug store brand advertise as pure Fish Oil but don’t contain enough EPA and DHA to make a real difference. Metagenics Omega 3 are pure and sustainably sourced. They are stabilized with antioxidants and guaranteed to be fresh! Visit our online store at 
https://cptg.metagenics.com/?nocache=1 to order your Omega 3 and SPM!

Most research studies utilized 1200mg or more of EPA/DHA per day. There is no known safe upper limit, yet any patient on anticoagulants should consult with their physician to avoid problems with prolonged bleeding time.





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