‘Prehabilitation’- Rehab of predisposing factors

Prehab (pre-rehabilitation) is a rehab concept that focuses on identifying predisposing factors to injury.  It asks, “why does it hurt?” after answering “what hurts?” Injuries usually occur at weak links in the biomechanical chain that become overloaded by either repetitious or ballistic movements.  After identification of a weak link, targeted exercises improve stability, strength, and control.  Improvements such as this can also enhance performance in athletes of any level.

What makes Cole Pain Therapy Group different from other clinics?

We work with you to achieve mutually defined goals as quickly as possible. This involves improving function, maintaining proper joint mechanics, maximizing performance, and minimizing risk of recurrence.  In keeping with current medical research, customized chiropractic care integrates joint and muscle manipulation, rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercises with chiropractic adjustments.

Patients move through a four-tier progression of rehab (see above) based on the severity of the initial problem and level of current functional improvement.

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