Prevent Back Pain- 5 Tips

There are tons of information about how to prevent back pain. Unfortunately, some of this information is conflicting, confusing, and inaccurate.  If you currently have back pain or episodic, recurrent pain, this needs to be diagnosed.  Yet, if you have already successfully treated and rehabilitated a back pain problem, these five tips are the best ways for you to prevent back pain in the future.

  1. Slowly and carefully strengthen back and abdominal muscles. There are different kinds of exercises to prevent back pain that your chiropractic physician can show you.
  2. Increase your back flexibility by gently stretching your back and hip muscles. This will help your posture and improve your lifting techniques.
  3. When lifting, hold the object close to the body and lift with the back straight, rising up by using muscles in the hips and legs. Proper lifting techniques are critical to prevent low back pain and sciatica.
  4. Avoid sitting for long periods of time. Take frequent breaks and walk around or do a short exercise routine. Make sure your work environment is ergonomically sound.
  5. If the low back is overexerted and becomes painful, an ice pack applied for 20 minutes will usually help the pain and limit swelling which can complicate normal recovery.

Altogether, the best way to prevent back pain is to have a close relationship with your doctor of chiropractic.  Everyone needs to have a plan for how to achieve and maintain appropriate movement.  Movement is life, and life should not hurt.

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