The Benefits of Electrical Stimulation and Ultrasound Therapy

What is electrical stimulation?

In the chiropractic setting, some procedures include the use of electrical current to stimulate a therapeutic effect on the body. When applied to tissue, electric currents create thermal, physiologic, and chemical responses. The currents also alter pain impulses. Interferential stimulation is the most commonly used form of electrical stimulation used in the chiropractic setting. Two channels of electrical stimulation create a third current thatpenetrates the affected tissues with little resistance. This stimulation helps control pain and muscle contractions. Interferential stimulation also reduces edema, swelling caused by fluid in the body’s tissues.

What are the benefits of ultrasound therapy?

In addition to electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy is also used for therapeutic effects.  Ultrasound uses acoustic energy at a high frequency.  A continuous wave produces thermal effects.  These thermal effects include increased blood flow, a reduction of stiffness and spasm, an increase in flexibility of tendon and joint capsules, and decreased pain.  Pulsed waves typically produce non-thermal effects.  These effects include tissue regeneration, collagen synthesis, an increase in blood flow, and a reduction of edema, an excess of fluid which causes swelling.

These forms of therapeutic treatment along with spinal manipulation can help reduce pain and get you moving in the right direction toward recovery. Ask your chiropractor today if any of these therapies could help you!

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