Why Lifestyle Education?

A common themes for patients is the experience of hitting a wall in regards to their health and wellness. By this I mean they have made some good progress toward their goals whether it be better food choice, losing weight, decreasing inflammation or working on micronutrient deficiencies. Somewhere along their journey the progress slows way down and eventually comes to a halt. Most of the time they cannot understand what has happened.

This is where Lifestyle factors and Education jumps in. Lifestyle Education takes into account the whole picture; stress management, sleep, hydration, food choices, exercise and medication. It is a tool our patients can use to understand how the puzzle pieces of their life fit together to either serve them or deter them from their goals. This tool comes in the form of meeting with a lifestyle educator on a regular basis to develop goals and strategies together. Together, you will look at the big picture and become your own self expert when it comes to your habits, lifestyle and goals.

The goal of Lifestyle Education is to name specific achievable goals together with your educator and work on them for a set amount of time. At the end of this time you better understand your life, your body and how to make all kinds of life scenarios work for you no matter what your goal is! Whether you are busy with your career, caring for children or other loved ones, traveling often, identify as a picky eater or feel like you have tried everything there is place for you and a lifestyle educator ready to show you the way!

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