Chiropractic Rehabilitation of the Spine and Joints

As part of a course of treatment at Cole Pain Therapy Group, many patients participate to some degree in chiropractic rehabilitation, involving rehabilitation of the nerve, muscle, and skeletal system.  The goal is restoring function to a dysfunctional system.  Injury and pain alters the movement system, which in turn results in more pain. It is the job of the joints to move, and the job of the muscles to move the joints. This is all controlled by the nervous system, so any problem with one area immediately affects the next. This is one of the reasons why pain can become chronic or return episodically.

chiropractic rehabilitation diagram
Movement quality is a function of muscle tone, joint mobility, and how the brain controls and perceives human motion in real time.

When most people think of rehab, they think about simply stretching and strengthening. This can be very important for some individuals, especially after a major orthopedic injury of orthopedic surgery.  Yet the rehabilitation at Cole Pain Therapy Group is focused rather on addressing the hidden movement dysfunctions responsible for recurrent or chronic:

  • back pain
  • sports injury
  • neck pain
  • TMJ, face, and headache pain
  • shoulder tension or tension at other muscles
  • foot, ankle, knee, hip, rib, shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc. pain

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Strategies

Each person is different, but some examples of a customized neuromuscular rehab strategy include:

  • breathing exercises to activate the abdominal diaphragm, addressing back pain with sciatica.
  • foot stability/balance exercises to resolve knee pain when running
  • tongue position and oral posture exercises to stop chronic face/TMJ pain
  • mid back strengthening exercises to address computer related headache pain

It is insufficient to simply treat the symptoms of altered neuromuscular function without investigating both what is causing the pain and why the problem is there.  That’s why our team of chiropractic physicians focus on not only decreasing the pain but addressing the underlying functional problem that causes the pain.

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