The doctors a Cole Pain Therapy Group specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of nerve, muscle, and joint problems.  Nerves, muscles and joints comprise the movement system.  Dysfunction and damage of the movement system results in movement-related or posture-related pain.  As such, there is a long list of pain conditions we treat at Cole Pain Therapy Group.  This page describes common pain conditions treated in Memphis, followed by a full list of pain conditions at the bottom of the page.

Our team of chiropractic doctors have advanced training in the areas of pain management, neurology, acupuncture, orthopedics, sports medicine, and physical rehabilitation.  Across the Memphis area, thousands of patients with a variety of pain conditions seek our care as the first step in getting a diagnosis and treatment plan.  Many others are pleased to find relief, even after other medical therapies have failed.  We’ve made a difference in the lives of thousands of others, and we can make a difference in your life too.

Effective relief from back pain

Back pain can be a big pain, especially if it lasts more than a few days.  But, you don’t have to live with it.  With the right treatment, your back pain and the disability it may cause can become distant memories.  Unlike treatments that may have failed you in the past, our physician-level therapies for back pain are based on sound medical evidence.  No two patients, even with the same pain diagnosis are the same.  Each patient’s specific chiropractic care program may involve a combination of therapies to help relieve pain and restore flexibility and movement.  All with the assurance that treatment is provided by highly trained spine specialists.  An effective back pain solution starts with a thorough examination and diagnosis.  Our doctors will explain the problem and discuss practical solutions that fit with your goals for pain relief, pain management, recovery, and building low back durability.

Sports injuries and athletic performance

Our chiropractic physicians work with weightlifters, runners, tennis players, cyclists, and other athletes.  We provide sports injury evaluation, management, and rehabilitation services that include sports physicals and functional movement screenings (SFMA).  Effective athletic care goes beyond defining what hurts and identifies why it hurts.  From there, one can follow a rehabilitation road map for returning to full activity and building athletic durability.

Sometimes athletic injuries result from a sudden trauma. Yet commonly, injuries are non-traumatic, non-contact-related, resulting from chronic mechanical stress.  This stress accumulates with activity because of restricted joint movement, muscle imbalance, and functional instability.

Coaches and trainers send their toughest injuries to us, because they know we get exceptional results, even with patients who have been failed by previous treatments.  Our high level of training in chiropractic manual medicine, postgraduate training in strength, conditioning, and orthopedics, and combined years of experience working with competitive and professional athletes means we can effectively help athletes return to full training as soon as possible.

We help people get out of pain and function at their best, not only in sport, but in life.  Our unique prehab philosophy directs us to uncover predisposing factors to injury.  When we find a weak link in the bio-mechanical chain, we use targeted exercise to improve stability, strength, and control.  These programs are also designed to reflect the individual needs and goals of each patient.  We educate you about your condition and give you the tools you need to heal faster and avoid future injuries.  In keeping with current medical research, we integrate joint and muscle manipulation, rehab, and therapeutic exercise to achieve the best possible results.

Effective pain relief from fibromyalgia

More and more doctors are gaining respect for the plight of America’s estimated 6-18 million fibromyalgia sufferers and for the disease itself.  But the patients’ reality is that there are still precious few doctors willing to invest time in treating it.  Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by widespread persistent musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and multiple tender points.  It can be difficult to diagnose and treat because there is no one single diagnostic test to identify it.

Part of the problem is that its symptoms- which include headache or facial pain, sleep disturbances, head-to-toe aching or burning, body stiffness, muscle spasms, gastrointestinal complaints, depression, and anxiety- are similar to those presented by several other illnesses.  Many people with fibromyalgia say the pain is so diffuse that they can’t even describe where it hurts.  It hurts everywhere.

A diagnosis of fibromyalgia requires a thorough evaluation, including a complete medical history and physical examination to rule out diseases with similar symptoms, such as systemic lupus, thyroid disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Our approach to fibromyalgia treatment is to create a well designed, comprehensive plan that includes a number of evidence-based chiropractic therapies.  We spend time with fibromyalgia patients discussing their symptoms, lifestyles, and health concerns.  We will educate you about what you are going through.  When your family understands that the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia are real, they will be able to work with you and your healthcare team to provide the support and treatment that will help you regain your life.

Relief from headaches with chiropractic care

Over 90% of Americans have headaches at one time or another.  Headaches (both tension headaches and migraines) can vary in intensity from mildly annoying to completely debilitating.  While all headaches are unique, chiropractic medicine can relieve most headaches that originate in the muscles, nerves, or joints of the neck.  Symptoms can often be reduced with manual techniques, chiropractic adjustments, soft-tissue stretching, and postural training.  The more patients know and understand about what brings on pain conditions of the head and face, the better able they will be to prevent them.

Tension headaches, by far the most common type, can last from 15 minutes to days on end.  In addition, many people with chronic pain, joint dysfunction and/or cervical pain suffer from headaches.  Muscle strains in the neck, TMJ, and shoulder muscles are common causes of headaches.  Even postural stress can lead to headaches.  The good news is that most headaches are treatable.  Symptoms and pain can often be reduced with chiropractic adjustments.  Manual treatments such as spine and joint manipulation can address the source of the problem and eliminate the headaches.  Our unique approach to treatment is based on established, evidence-based protocols.  We provide physician-level care that includes today’s most effective techniques.  Additionally, we work with medical specialists in the area to ensure comprehensive management of patients with complex pain conditions.

Non-surgical solutions for disc injuries

A disc injury is a common cause of spine pain.  It is a problem in the discs located between the bones or vertebrae of the spine.  Disc problems include herniation or degeneration caused by sudden injury or chronic wear and tear.  Disc herniation or degeneration can cause pain in the neck, back, arms, and legs. They can also cause problems in the entire body if the spinal cord is compressed.

Contrary to popular assumption, many cases of disc injury do not require surgery.  Most respond well to non-surgical rehabilitation.  After an episode of mild neck or back pain has lasted more than four days, or if there are frequent recurrences of spine pain, it is reasonable to consider chiropractic therapy.  In fact, many spine specialists consider chiropractic evaluation sooner, particularly if the pain is severe.

We have extensive training with hands-on chiropractic techniques – manual therapy and chiropractic adjustments – to diagnose and treat disc injuries.  Our goals are to reduce pain, restore function, and provide you with education to help them prevent future problems.  Our unique approach to treatment is based on established, evidence-based protocols.  Even if you have already had a disc surgery or spine injection, we can evaluate your situation and educate you about your options.

Expert neck pain care

Pain conditions involving the neck may result from soft tissue abnormalities in the muscles, ligaments, and nerves as well as in bones and joints of the spine.  The most common causes of neck pain involve traumatic injury and prolonged wear/tear. Degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis and cervical disc disease also can cause neck pain.  Postural stress can contribute to chronic neck pain.  Traumatic injuries from auto accidents, contact sports, and falls may cause movement or compression of the neck beyond normal limits resulting in an injury which requires rehabilitation.  We help people with:

  • pinched nerves
  • muscle spasms
  • whiplash injuries
  • postural pain
  • stiffness and lost mobility
  • radiating pain

Our unique approach to treatment is based on established, evidence-based protocols. We provide physician-level diagnosis and therapy.  It includes manual medicine, today’s most effective spine treatment.  Many people enjoy manual therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and advanced rehabilitation exercises.

Effective treatment of pain conditions in Memphis

At Cole Pain Therapy Group, our team of doctors have a unique approach to treatment, based on established, evidence-based protocols.  Patients enjoy comprehensive chiropractic care that includes today’s most effective combination of treatment techniques, as well as co-management of patients with other medical specialists to treat complex spine problems.  People in and around Memphis with the following pain conditions can benefit from scheduling a new patient evaluation.

For more information for new patients about pain therapy services in Memphis, Tennessee, call Cole Pain Therapy Group at (901) 377-2340 or request an appointment online.