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Back pain can begin suddenly as a sharp or intense pain. Sometimes it begins with a wrong movement or sudden injury.  Conversely, back pain can begin slowly as a dull ache or stiffness. The symptoms may come and go over weeks, months, or years. Back pain symptoms can be debilitating.  About 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives (Neurol Clin). The misery and restricted mobility of pain may prevent people from going to work or school and from enjoying time with their friends and family.

In some cases, lower back symptoms result in depression, especially if the pain persists for more than six months. A global research survey found that back disorder is the single most disabling health condition (Lancet). Additionally, chronic back symptoms are on the rise as the rates of obesity and sedentary lifestyle increase.  Ironically, active individuals are at a higher risk for episodic or recurrent low back pain.


One’s spine health is an important factor when it comes to pain prevention.  Becoming healthier overall prevents back pain by allowing for more spinal durability.  Good nutrition, exercise, play, proper economic work spaces, and better movement quality strengthens one’s spine and reduces risk factors for back pain.  Prevention really does require improving one’s overall health, improving spinal durability, and reducing the risk of injury.

Nevertheless, since 80% of the population will experience at least one episode of back pain, high quality treatment is important for quickly restoring one’s health.  Spine treatment has advanced significantly over the past decade. Previously, doctors used to suggest medication and rest as the main treatment for back pain. Research into healthcare quality and effectiveness now supports beginning with conservative, chiropractic care for back pain and other pain conditions.  

Mechanical back problems need mechanical solutions, and chiropractic care is a high quality, drug-free option.

Additionally, research indicates that people heal better when a doctor of chiropractic assists with active treatment strategies and a quick return to full activity. Active care for back pain outperforms passive medication and rest strategies. Evidence-based treatment points to the drug-free and active pain solutions found with chiropractic care.


In 2017 the American College of Physicians, the largest medical specialty society in the world, updated its back pain treatment guidelines. The reports recommended that non-invasive, non-drug therapies for back pain should include options such as massage, needle therapy, and chiropractic adjustments (Ann Intern Med). These treatment tools are central to chiropractic care in Memphis at Cole Pain Therapy Group. Anti-inflammatory medication may be helpful as an adjunct to primarily non-drug treatment.

Time spent in assessment will save time in treatment.

When looking for a back pain doctor, consider that time spent in assessment will save time in treatment. Meaning, it is better to seek out a back pain doctor for a thorough exam and diagnosis rather than bouncing from one type of treatment to the next. Since most low back pain causes are mechanical, movement-related problems, our doctors of chiropractic are experts in providing both a diagnosis and care plan. Every individual is different, and a back pain doctor should perform a thorough physical examination to arrive at a specific diagnosis. Sometimes x-rays and and an MRI are beneficial , yet in many cases, imaging tests are not necessary. Additionally, individuals have different goals when it comes to their spinal health. Any back pain doctor should be willing to answer all of your questions and help you to decide on a treatment plan that fits your needs.


Since back pain is a symptom, there are a wide variety of potential causes. The back is a complex and complicated part of the human frame. Muscle strains, joint sprains, disc injuries, and irritated joints can result in a variety of back symptoms. Sometimes, a sudden injury results in back pain. Other times, the simplest movements, such as picking up a sock, can precipitate sudden pain attack from a problem that has been slowly building over time. Furthermore, arthritis, postural stresses, obesity, smoking, and psychological stress complicate back pain.

Most causes of back pain are not seriously dangerous. Although rare, rheumatologic diseases, infection, fractures, cancer, and internal organ diseases also can cause back symptoms. As such, chronic and recurrent back symptoms need to be evaluated. Pain that occurs with significant trauma, fever, or numbness/ weakness indicates potentially dangerous causes of symptoms.


Before treatment, one should begin first with a thorough examination and discussion about one’s back pain symptoms and their health status in general. Your doctor of chiropractic at Cole Pain Therapy Group will discuss your treatment goals and your specific diagnosis. Chiropractic care for lower back pain often involves hands-on treatment including chiropractic adjustments. Our doctors are also trained in prescribing therapeutic exercise, prescribing therapeutic massage, and providing nutritional and self-care strategies for back pain.

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