Golfers Turn to Cole Pain Therapy Group


Is pain keeping you out of your game?

Professionals as well as weekend golfers have discovered the benefits of chiropractic care at Cole Pain Therapy Group.  We work with a wide range of avid golfers whether they are weekend warriors or tour professionals.  Golfers who wish to avoid injuries and stay at the top of their game are provided individualized treatment plans.  

On the prevention side, we offer the following tips:

 —    Purchase equipment that fits. Don’t try to adapt your swing to the wrong clubs or you’re inviting back trouble.

—  Take lessons. Learning proper swing technique is critical. At the end of the swing, you want to be standing straight up; the back should not be twisted.

—  Wear orthotics. These custom-made shoe inserts support the arch, absorb shock, increase coordination and improve the entire body’s balance and stability.

—  Pull, don’t carry, your golf bag. Carrying a heavy bag for 18 holes can cause the spine to shrink, leading to disk problems and nerve irritation.

— Walk instead of ride. If you prefer to ride in a cart, alternate riding and walking every other hole. Or, ride the drive and walk the remainder of the hole.  Bouncing around in a cart is hard on the spine and leads to many back injuries.

—   Warm up before each round. Take a brisk walk to get blood flowing to the muscles before stretching out. Once you’re loose, take at least 15-20 practice swings.

—  Drink lots of water. Dehydration causes early fatigue, leading you to compensate by adjusting your swing, thus promoting injury risk. Don’t drink alcohol while golfing, as it promotes fluid loss and leads to diminished coordination.

—  Take the “drop.” One bad swing–striking a root or a rock with your club–can damage a wrist. If unsure whether you can get a clean swing, take the drop.

Is pain keeping you out of the game? Dr. Jeff Luebbe and Dr. Bradford Cole of Cole Pain Therapy Group are specialists in sports medicine and rehabilitation, and are well trained to help golfers with joint and muscle problems.  Get off the sidelines.  Come by and see one of our doctors and get back into the game.

Dr. Richard Cole is the medical director of Cole Pain Therapy Group, a group of chiropractic physicians here in Bartlett specializing in the relief of acute and chronic pain problems.

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