Cervical Radiculopathy


What is a pinched nerve in your neck?


A pinched nerve in your neck, also known as Cervical Radiculopathy, can occur when one or more of the nerves emerging from your neck have become irritated or pinched by the surrounding tissue. This often results in pain, numbness, or even a tingling feeling in your arm. The location of symptoms is directly related to which nerve in your neck is irritated.


Understanding why:


Your nervous system is basically a big electrical circuit. Your spinal cord transmits all of the electrical nerve impulses between your brain and spine, using nerves. Individual nerves emerge from your spine and extend to specific areas of your shoulders, arms, and hands to supply sensation and movement. This allows you to feel sensations, like touch, heat, cold, and pain, and the impulses are what your brain uses so you can do things like sit, walk, or play sports. Anything that interferes with this transmission, like an irritated or pinched nerve, can cause problems and pain.


  • Dull ache
  • Tingling sensation like pins and needles in your arm(s)
  • Constant & severe shooting pain
  • Symptoms may increase with certain positions or movements



To solve this problem, we need to treat the source of your nerve irritation. We will assess your symptoms and the severity of your pinched nerve, so we can develop a customized plan for your recovery. It is important for you to follow your treatment plan closely in order to find 


If you experience any progression of your arm pain, numbness, or weakness, it is critical for you to tell us immediately

Feel like you might have some of these symptoms?



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